The smart Trick of reference letter怎么写 That No One is Discussing

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(若非初版,标明第几版). 出版地点: 出版商 (一定要注意标点符号后需要空一格,书名要是斜体) Along with his excellent interaction skills, Mr. Vivekananda will make an a must have asset to any sales staff and he merits my optimum recommendation. 作者姓氏, 名字首字母缩写. (如果没有作者名字,可以写机构名). (年份,如果给出了日期和月份也要写). 文件名 总之,适当的美化不是不可以,但是要建立在合... https://arthurvddyu.iyublog.com/12909821/a-review-of-recommendation-letter写作解析


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