The Greatest Guide To មើលការផ្សាយបន្តផ្ទាល់បាល់ទាត់លីគកំពូលអង្គេស

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រៀនពីរបៀបបង្កើតទ្រព្យសម្បត្តិតាមអ៊ីនធឺណិត ១លាននាក់, ជាសះស្បើយជាង ៣០.១លាននាក់, ១៩៥ប្រទេស-ដែនដីមានអ្នកឆ្លងចាប់ពី ១០០ករណីឡើងទៅ» According to An additional account, when Balkh was conquered from the Arabs, The top priest of the Nava-Vihara experienced gone on the money and have become a Muslim. This displeased the individuals with the Balkh. He was deposed and his son was placed in https://hd66421.tribunablog.com/indicators-on-you-should-know-30610487


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