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After we try and recite Baglamukhi mantra or while Baglamukhi upasana vidhi / Baglamukhi pooja , we could commit problems and we won't get wanted success of Baglamukhi Pooja . ॐ मलयाचल बगला भगवती महाक्रूरी महाकराली राजमुख बन्धनं ग्राममुख बन्धनं ग्रामपुरुष बन्धनं कालमुख बन्धनं चौरमुख बन्धनं व्याघ्रमुख बन्धनं सर्वदुष्ट https://johnathanrqmhe.thelateblog.com/22493629/baglamukhi-shabar-mantra-options


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